Just One Vintage: It all started in 2003 when our owner was studying for her MCATS. While studying for a future in medicine, rent was also due. So, through word of mouth among the Peconic Bay Sailing circuit she heard of a job that could utilize her science training, was interesting, and paid lots of overtime. Working 6 days a week, 10-hour days in a wine lab over harvest. That one vintage turned into 12 years of global wine trotting and she never took her MCATS.

Just One Ton: In 2007 one of Long Island’s stand out vintages there was plenty of quality fruit and again our owner decided to try making just one ton of Chardonnay into wine using skills recently acquired in New Zealand and Tasmania. This stainless steel Chardonnay was the start of something. Most was sold to a close friend for a superior Chardonnay blend (that will remain nameless) but before the blend was made a few bottles made their way to the tables of family and friends…they have been waiting years, for more.

Just One Label: 2014 proved to be another outstanding vintage and again our owner/winemaker decided this would be the year to make just one label sourcing Sauvignon Blanc from some of the more savvy vineyard masters. In the hunt for fruit she found not one but 2 beautiful blocks that encompassed all that North Fork of Long Island Sauvignon Blanc could be. Then she found Chardonnay planted in a unique clay deposit that could not be left with out a destiny. THEN came a block of inky black Merlot and a block of sensual Cabernet Sauvignon. One label grew to four…

Saltbird Cellars collection of wines are bred purely from passion and the freedom to follow your (in)sane ideas. 

Wine is ultimately
a subjective experience.

If you like it, drink it, and…
do it with zeal!